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Wedding FAQ

Q: Can I have my ceremony aboard the cruise?

A:  Yes many of our wedding cruises choose to have their ceremony aboard ship as part of the cruise. 


Q:  What happens if there is bad weather on the day of our cruise?

A:  In our 20 year history of dining cruises we have never had to cancel a cruise because of bad weather.  Our vessels are ocean going vessels and are not adversely affected by weather on the lake.  The vessel is climate controlled for warm or cool weather.


Q: How many guests can I invite to our wedding cruise?

A:  While the vessel is designed to accommodate up to 270 passengers.  A comfortable number of guests for a reception is approximately 215.


Q:  Will all of my guests be on one deck? 

A:  The boat is set up to seat 84 on the main deck and 116 on the top deck.  We do set up the top deck to accommodate 215 for the ceremony and then seat on both decks for dining.


Q:  Can the Captain perform our ceremony?

A: While our Captains are not licensed to perform ceremonies we do have local judges to perform ceremonies for us.


Q:  Can I have entertainment during our cruise?

A:  You may hire live entertainment, contract with our  DJ, or utilize our sound system at no charge with our dinner music selection or your own pre-recorded music.


Q:  Do you provide wedding cakes?

A:  We recommend working with Donna Smith at Sugar Mountain Bakery.  They do an outstanding job with our special events.  You will work with Donna directly and she will deliver your cake to the vessel the day of your cruise.  You may call Donna at 607-535-6684.


Q:  Should we choose seating dining or a buffet?

A:  We offer both choices.  The rates are similar.  Our feeling is that a sit down dinner is a preferred presentation for a formal event.  We also find that we can serve your guests in a more efficient manner than having guest waiting in a buffet line. 


Q:  What information do we need to provide Captain Bill’s once we decide to charter a wedding cruise.

A:  For seated dinners you will need to include entrée choices in your invitations.  Your guests will RSVP with their entrée choices.  Your exact number of guests with entrée choices will be called into our office 24 hours prior to your cruise.


We will ask for an alphabetized list of guests with entrée choices so that they may be checked in when boarding.


You will need to inform us if you wish to have assigned seating or open seating.  With assigned seating we will give you a table plan to assist you in assigning seats.

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