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Here's what our customers are saying about us...

 "This was so good in every way. We will be back, and we will spread the word!"
(Source: Customer Comment, Mary S.)

"Best food and most wonderful service ever!! This is a fantastic place!! We will be back!"
(Source: Customer Comment, Anon.)

"Fabulous filet oscar. Excellent chili rib eye!"
(Source: Customer Comment, Anon.)

"The boat trip is not to be missed! It's beauty at its natural best, not to mention great staff, great food and a memorable experience. One of the best travel attractions in the area and this is from a "local". I recommend it to all outside travelers, it's a winning tourist attraction for everyone. Not to be overlooked."
(Source: Customer Comment, Trip Advisor)

"This place is amazing. Thanks for making our anniversary special."
(Source: Customer Comment, Tammy D.)

"Drove about 100 miles to enjoy your lobster pasta."
(Source: Customer Comment, Jim W.)

"Loved the atmosphere, loved the view, loved the food. Couldn't get any better."
(Source: Customer Comment, Anon.)


"Best place we ate in all of Watkins Glen!"
(Source: Customer Comment, Lori W.)

"Best clam chowder we've ever had and the crab cakes and bacon wrapped scallops were to die for!!!"
(Source: Customer Comment, Anon.)

 "Those Portobello mushrooms are mind blowing!"
(Source: Customer Comment, Anon.)

"Great chowder - as good as cape cod."
(Source: Customer Comment, Anon.)

"Stop being so good. I have bills to pay. I can't eat here all the time and I really want to!"
(Source: Customer Comment, Anon.)



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